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2021 Golden Dollar$ Fishing Competition

General Events , Community Event , Sporting Events At Bundalong Bundalong

On October 23, 2021
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Cost: $100 per person - Teams of 2

Tony Bennett


0439 441 667


Tags: Yarrawonga , Murray RIver , Fishing , Bundalong , teams

  • This event will target Golden Perch (aka Yellow Belly, Callop) only.
  • Minimum size limit is 30cm.
  • Teams will consist of 2 anglers only. Anglers can compete as a team of 1 if desired.
  • FISHING BOUNDARIES - No fishing in Lake Mulwala below the downstream edge of the Murray River course that exists between the Majors Creek ramp & Drain Lane boat ramp.
  • No fishing upstream of Parolas Bridge in the Ovens Rivers.
  • No fishing in the Murray River from 200 meters upstream past the Jillamatong bridge heading towards Corowa.
  • Boats can be launched from either the Bundalong, Pike's Rd, Drain Lane or Majors Creek ramps.
  • Fishing will commence at 8am sharp & cease strictly at 12noon for the 1st session. Fishing will commence at 1pm sharp & cease strictly at 5pm for the 2nd session. Any team caught fishing outside these times will be disqualified immediately.
  • By no means are Murray Cod a target species. All Murray Cod encountered must be released immediately.
  • Anglers may use only 1 rod at any one time. Other rods may be rigged (as per NSW Fisheries reg's) but not in use.
  • Lure Only (Includes Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits & Plastics). Max hard body lure size to be no more than 85mm.
  • A live well or fish holding device is compulsory.
  • All measuring for 1st session will take place at the main Bundalong Boat Ramp from 12noon – 12.15pm sharp.
  • All measuring for 2nd session will take place at the main Bundalong Boat Ramp from 5pm – 5.15pm sharp.
  • Team’s best 5 fish per session can be returned for measuring.
  • Champion Team determined by adding the length of best 5 fish from 1st session with best 5 fish from 2nd session.
  • All fish will be released after measuring by tournament officials. In the event that a fish does not survive even though best fish handling methods have been practiced, the fish will still be entered into the event.
  • Failure to comply with or breaches of any rules and regulations will see competitor/ team met with instant disqualification. No monies will be refunded.
  • Presentations at Bundalong Boat Ramp as soon as all scores tallied.
  • Please observe best possible COVID19 safety measures at all times.
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