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Your new IT department.


We’re your new IT department, servicing both metropolitan and regional areas nationally. Our clients aren’t just clients: they’re partners. Sometimes they call us when systems aren’t working, or there’s a funny light blinking on the modem. Other times we help them transform their business, protect data and overhaul existing tech. Heads in the Cloud, feet on the ground. That’s Otto.

Smart on the inside - We’re an IT company, right? So we should practice what we preach. We’ve invested thousands of hours in our internal systems and staff training. Otto means very clever IT.

Blue sky thinking - We don’t just help when things go wrong. We offer digital transformation at scale, including full business cases. If we think there’s a better way of doing things, we’ll let you know.

People-powered tech - Our staff are judged on customer satisfaction. Not sales or profits. This helps keep our eye on the real prize: making you happy. We want every client to feel like part of the family.