Billson's Brewery

Billson's Brewery

For a real taste o'history ... 
Old Style Syrups and Traditional Mixers!

Established in 1865 at the height of the Gold Rush, the historic Billson’s Brewery has been producing premium beverages for more than 150 years.

Located in Beechworth in the north east of Victoria, the brewery site was chosen because the original owner, George Billson, had discovered a pure natural mountain spring flowing all the way from Mount Buffalo. The “Snowline” pure water has been used in the production of all the beverages ever since.

Due to a temperance group in the 1920’s, the brewery stopped all beer production to the exception of Stout, which continued to be made for another 30 years. The brewery’s small batch production of premium soft drinks and gourmet cordials soared as a result.

Today, Billson’s specialises in premium gourmet cordials, of long forgotten flavours, made based on traditional recipes and methods. The pure mountain water is also bottled at the source under the “Snowline” brand.


29 Last Street, Beechworth VIC 3747

Freecall: 1800 990 098
Phone: 03 5728 1304


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