Crystalight Energy Healing

Crystalight Energy Healing

Crystalight Energy Healing is a small home-based Reiki Energy Healing Practice with a focus on providing support for your health and wellbeing. Using Reiki Therapy, Crystal Entrainment & Energy Medicine Techniques to promote deep relaxation to help stimulate the immune system and balance the energetic field. Reiki practice helps encourage healing for a wide range of conditions, as it works by balancing the bodily systems, rather than working directly on symptoms.

Each treatment is personally unique and the testimonials have been inspiring, helping many people to enjoy a more fulfilling quality of life.
I am a Reiki Australia Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner and our Crystalight Energy Healing Room is a Reiki Australia-Certified Clinic.

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27 Zorro Drive, Yarrawonga

Mobile: 0402 927 033
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Yarrawonga Mulwala

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