Victorian River Beach Access Roads

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Yarrawonga to Cobram - Murray Valley Highway
Cullens Road & Brears Road - located 3km and 4km west of the town centre, both roads provide access to:

  • The Common (camping and picnic facilities)
  • Green Bank (boat ramp, picnic and toilet facilities)
  • Chinaman's Bend

Forges Pump Road - located 7km west of the town cenber, Forges Pump Road provides access to:

  • Forges No. 1 Beach (camping and toilet facilities)
  • Forges No. 2 Beach
  • Little Bruce's Beach

Bruces Road - located approximately 8km west of the town centre, Bruces Road provides access to:

  • Zanettis No. 1 Beach
  • Zanettis No. 2 Beach
  • Bruces No. 1 Beach
  • Bruces No. 2 Beach
  • Sharps Beach

Nevins Road - located approximately 11km west of the town centre, Nevins Road provides access to:

  • Trues Beach
  • Nevins East Beach
  • Gravel Bend

Thoms Road - located approximately 13km west of the town centre, Thoms Road provides access to:

  • Buchanans Beach
  • Redbank Beach (picnic facilities)
  • Nevins West Beach

Bourkes Bend Track - located approximately 18km west of the town centre, Bourkes Bend Track provides access to:

  • Duftys No. 1 Beach
  • Duftys No. 2 Beach
  • Bourkes No. 1 Beach
  • Bourkes No. 2 Beach
  • Bourkes No. 3 Beach

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