Fishing Guide

Licencing Requirements

For recreational fishing in the Murray River, a NSW recreational fishing licence is required. Click here to check current fishing licence fees and requirements. Licenses can be obtained from the following agents:


  • Yarrawonga Newsagency, 59 Belmore Street, 03 5744 3022
  • Ritchies SUPA IGA Yarrawonga 03 5743 2424


  • Intents Fishing & Outdoors, 131 Melbourne Street, 03 5743 1800
  • Lake Mulwala Fish, Camp & Ski, 74 Melbourne Street, 03 5744 3133
  • Lakeside Holiday Park, 102 Corowa Road, 1800 817 570


  • Bundalong General Store, 7412 Murray Valley Highway, 03 5726 9323
  • Bundalong Holiday Resort, 7419 Murray Valley Highway, 03 5726 8600

Click here for more agents.

Fishing Rules

Click here for current recreational fishing rules and regulations


Murray Cod
The Murray Cod was once abundant throughout the Murray-Darling river system, but overfishing and environmental changes have drastically reduced its numbers. Because of this, they are protected during September, October and November (their breeding season). If caught during this time, they must be returned to the water unharmed. Best bait - bardi grubs, yabbies, shrimps and scrubworms.

Trout Cod
Trout Cod are a protected species and taking or attempting to take them, including catch and release, it prohibited. They are generally found in the Murray River between Yarrawonga and the Barmah Forest.

Golden Perch (Yellow Belly)
Along with the Murray Cod, the Golden Perch is one of Australia's most important native fish. Today it is considered rare in much of its original territory although it can still be found in large numbers in some locations. Best bait - crayfish, shrimp, yabbies and scrubworms. Not usually caught on bardi grubs.

Silver Perch
Silver Perch is another endangered species that may only be caught in Lake Mulwala within limits. Best bait - shrimp or scrubworms. Must catch and release in the Murray River.

Murray Crayfish
Murray Crayfish are found in the Murray River, and the open fishing season is from May to August. Crayfish carrying eggs or young under their tail are protected and must be returned to the water. Best bait - carp, bullock liver, ox heart.

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